Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Some random finishes

 Just need to record these finishes while I remember!

A cosy knit, made from mostly op shopped wool.

The Dogs in Sweaters block has become...

 a pillowcase.

And a Christmas Mug Rug!

I think my grandsons will love this!

Have you started your Christmas sewing yet?

Happy days!



Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Fun finishes. I really like the stripes of your sweater. It looks so cozy.

Susan Smith said...

Lovely finishes! The op shop jumper looks really good in both colour & pattern & the cushion is ever so cute. As for Christmas makes, not much happening here on that front, but lots of family stuff that needs catching up on. Take care & hugs.

Barb N said...

All such fun projects! The sweater looks wonderful (says me who cannot follow a knitting pattern . . . )

Karen S said...

I am impressed that your jumper came from op shop finds. Well done coming up with a design to use all the different colours.
Great result with the pillow case, too. Such a cute face on that dog!
And your grandsons will definitely enjoy the mug rugs.
No, very little Christmas sewing here.

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