Wednesday, March 16, 2022

All ready for St Patrick's Day

 in my new green linen and Liberty "Sawtell" dress!

I took my time making sure it was as perfect as I could 

make it!

I'd had this piece of linen for quite some time and really 

wanted to find the perfect pattern!

On a whim I joined the "Curated by In The Folds" group where, for a monthly subscription, you receive a pattern, sewing techniques, hints and lots of support during the making process.

There is a link here if you are interested in the concept.

I took my time binding many of the seams with a 

treasured piece of Liberty I bought in Bordeaux in 2014.


And of course I had to add a "Kylie and the Machine" 

label that says, "YES, I made this"!

I also did top stitching across the back yoke, the 

neckline and around the pocket shield.

It is exciting waiting to see what the next pattern 

release will be ?!

Happy sewing!



OPQuilt said...

Because of your dress, I also joined In the Folds! Did you do a lot of fitting before you started? I've sewn a lot, but not for years, and wonder how many alterations I'll have to make. It was fun to see you there. I do love this dress, but plan to make one with sleeves for summer. I already have the fabric, but not sure I'll look as fabulous as you do! Bravo!

Karen S said...

Lovely. That is a very smart looking dress, and perfect for our current weather. It fits perfectly. Lovely use of your special liberty fabric.

Nancy McFarland said...

This is a beautiful dress; your sewing and special touches are exquisite.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Lovely photo's. Great looking dress and the colour really suits you - well done :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

What a lovely cool dress! I'm just waiting for warm enough weather to have short sleeves! That hemisphere differenc thing is startling sometimes.

Susan Smith said...

Very nice for this unusually muggy weather we are experiencing in Autumn this year. Enjoy wearing & take care.

Kara Benavides said...

You did a gorgeous job on that dress! I know just what you mean when you talk about taking your time to get it as perfect as possible. I have a bad habit of hurrying to the finished product. Love that pattern too.

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