Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Of Needle and Thread....

If you're here for some quilting inspiration or sewing eye candy, you may wish to save yourself the time and leave now!

My mojo has temporarily left me...

although I have finished Finnley's quilt top.

The orange gingham I chose from GJ Fabrics is called 

Midnight Magic by April Rosenthal

and suits it perfectly, I think.

While purchasing batting for this quilt, I snagged four 

new clothes patterns for $20!

I'm thinking I might have a go at a patchwork coat for 

next winter.

This little tree is decorated with mostly handmade, felt 

Christmas decorations, some made my be, others by 


Finally I have been stitching together an Advent 


a cute Christmas Panel from Red Tractor designs.....

Look at all those wonderful Australian references...

a real Aussie Christmas!

Happy sewing,



Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I just hung those 3 little handmade houses that you gave me all those years ago on our tree this weekend! Hope your mojo comes back soon, perhaps it just needs a rest after a long year. In the meantime hopefully you'll find plenty of books, naps, good shows and day trips to fill the time!

Susan Smith said...

Lovely to see a post pop up whatever it may be. My sewing mojo seems to be coming & going a lot lately too. The advent calendar is very nice & look forward to seeing what you make from your patterns in the future. Take care & hugs.

Needled Mom said...

You have such fun projects for someone who lost their mojo. I love those blocks with the leaves and that advent calendar is beautifully made.

Suz J said...

That orange gingham is just the best choice - it really lifts the colours in the blocks. This year has just flown past and I can't believe it is December already!

FlourishingPalms said...

It doesn't look to me like your mojo has left! You're still making, however sluggishly or slowly... that doesn't matter. Finnley's quilt top is adorable. Will it be a Christmas present? You're certainly in the holiday spirit, making decorations. That's more than I'm doing. I'm on a bent to make Inside-Outside Pouches and Boxy Clear Pouches as gifts for my nail and hair technicians, and rec center class leaders. That means making seven pouches! Once those are done, I'll think about decorating, but only a little. Family is coming to visit us over the holidays (Dec. 27) for the first time since we moved to Florida! We'll have a houseful for a week and it will surely be happy chaos! Can't wait! Enjoy the season!

Karen S said...

It has been a busy time and not a lot of sewing has been happening here, either.
But it is lovely to see your quilt top put together and looking great. It really is eye catching.
And it looks like you have a love of clothes sewing planned.
That is a delightful advent calendar. Lovely to see the Australian theme. I enjoyed reading each pocket.
Glad you had it ready for Christmas.

OPQuilt said...

I love seeing all these decorations and fun calendar and possible clothes and an amazing quilt top!! I think your sewing mojo is just fine—don’t we all get a break now and again? I love seeing that advent calendar, especially, as it reminds me of my dishtowel.

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