Monday, January 18, 2021

Snowflake Swirl

 is the name of my latest, and possibly my greatest 


Why my greatest, I hear you say?

This is the biggest quilt I have ever machine quilted 


It is nearly 80", or 200cm square,

And it took me nearly a fortnight to quilt it!

My trusty Juki in action

I did no other sewing during this time.

The swirls seemed like a good idea at the beginning,

and, boy, I got pretty good at them by the time I'd 


I did some straight line quilting in the white section too. 

I lost count of how many bobbins I wound, 

Or how many different reels of thread I used!

It is by no means perfect, but I can live with 

the imperfections.

I hope the buyer can!

Yes, this is a commission quilt, one I committed to 

some time ago!

The original Snowflake pattern is made from an 


 snowflake, but the buyer wanted all eight dendrites!

So that took extra calculations and fabric of course!

Maybe I should make one in black and white?

                           No, maybe not!

Quilt #2 for 2021

Lifetime quilt 131

80" by 84"

Happy sewing-



Anonymous said...

Your quilt and all of your swirls look great. I quilted swirls like that once on a quilt and my head was spinning throughout the process.

Susan Smith said...

Well done & it is gorgeous. I've seen a similar pattern - "somewhere", but not sure where. I think you are genius doing all that quilting on your domestic machine & I know I couldn't. Thanks for sharing, take care & stay safe.

karenbbsnow said...

Stunning! Great job on the quilting.

Rosec said...

Wow, gorgeous!

Needled Mom said...

It looks so pretty. I like the full snowflake too.

Florida Farm Girl said...

'Tis lovely. I'd never have the patience to tackle quilting something that big, and certainly not with a tightly wound pattern. Good for you.

Annemarie said...

This is spectacular Susan!

Pip said...

Well done you! Those large quilts can be physically exhausting to quilt, hope you gave yourself some rest breaks. The quilt looks great, I think the swirl quilting has made the snowflake pop out nicely.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

It turned out great. Well done.

GO STARS! said...

That turned out beautiful! I've done swirls on a large quilt and yes, it seems like a great idea when you start. By the time you're about a third of the way through you're wondering why you didn't just do straight lines in a grid 2" apart! Ha! I'm trying to get some projects quilted but got side tracked by a couple of projects in blue that I've had for 20 years! Time to get them finished!

Nancy M said...

It is beautiful, and you did a great job with the swirls.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

WaHoo! What a finish. It's wonderful and sure to please your client. Congrats on doing all the quilting yourself too. That's the part I don't like at all.

Suz J said...

The gradient of colours really shows up well in the black and white photo - it made me scroll back to relook at the colour version. You really did an amazing job choosing and placing those fabrics.

Karen S said...

That is a wonderful finish. Your quilt looks amazing. It is lovely the way you have quilted the different sections. I admire you for machine quilting something that big. I can see why it took a couple of weeks.
Congratulations on a great finish.

KaHolly said...

Lovely job!

FlourishingPalms said...

It's no surprise whatsoever that you spent two weeks quilting this! Big quilts take big self-determination, and good for you to make that commitment! Now you KNOW. Manipulating a large quilt isn't always easy, but you've proven it can be done. I'm happy for you to have had this commission, and fulfilled it so well. Great job!

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