Sunday, August 11, 2019

Have I shown you these?

This is a bit of a summary of what I've been 

sewing lately....

four more Boston Pavement blocks....

                 in a variety of prints and colours.

I've made twelve blocks now.

A little diversion of zipper pouch making....

and some pattern testing with these blocks.


So it looks like I've started another quilt!

Yes, green again!

I have a little boy in mind for this!

I wanted to use a blue and grey colour palette but I 

just don't have that many blue fabrics.

So I'm doing a swap with Linda @Koka Quilts

These are what I am sending.

Go to Linda's blog and have a look at the beauties 

she's sending me! 

Until next time....

happy sewing!



  1. The Boston Pavement blocks are lovely! The use of various fabrics all make them so differet! Lovely stash to swap with Linda!

  2. Those Boston Pavement blocks look tricky! I can see that getting the points to come together is challenging, and you're doing a great job with them. Isn't it fun to make zipper pouches? I think I enjoyed the same feelings when I recently made those snack bag zipper pouches. I still want to make more of those, and have been eyeing snacks not for their contents, but for the bags! As for that last block, Whirligig, I adore it! The movement created with those curves is beautiful. Green and blue together will be gorgeous, and I'm glad you found a quilter to swap with. Seems like the perfect solution to enhancing your blocks and quilt. Looks like you're having tons of fun! Keep doing so!

  3. Love your Boston pavement blocks. If I were to do some "Michigan pavement" blocks, they would just have jagged black and grey centers occupying most of the space. lol. To say the roads are "rough" right now is an understatement. I love the stretched drunkards path block. Does it have a name? I just finished pinning some on Pinterest. Very nice.

    1. You are a 'no-reply' blogger Kara. So I hope you see this. The block is called Whirlygig. I am pattern testing and the pattern will be released shortly.

  4. Your block collection is really coming along. I sure like all the variety you are including when you make each one.

  5. Loving your 'boston pavement' blocks, the 2nd one especially is a stunner! Are you planning on sashing them? And the 'whirligig' blocks look great too!

  6. Such a nice collection of blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing them together. Great idea to have a swap. I have lots of blues but I don't know if they all get along with each other.

  7. Great looking blocks. I was impressed...and then I saw the Whirligig Well done.

  8. Those green and grey blocks are just the best colours! All the heart eyes 😍😍

  9. Love these Boston Common blocks--your production really inspires and puts me to shame! I just keep working on class stuff, over and over, and want to get to some playing around. I also like your Whirligig blocks. Such fun.

    I also like the change in the font for your blog--that other one, while elegant, was so hard to read. Thanks for thinking of us old ladies, and making it easier on us! (Fun yellow color, too!)

  10. Your new pattern testing blocks look fun. An amazing stash of greens!!

  11. Wow, LOVE your Boston pavement blocks AND the whirligig blocks. Beautiful fabrics used as well. Happy sewing. :)

  12. Lovely Boston blocks. You are having a lot of fun with with your fabrics. Enjoy your fabric swap as well.


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