Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shadows of Love

I finished piecing together my Delilah quilt today.

Even my Ikea trolley is colour co-ordinated!

Here are month 12 blocks names Black Cockatoo.

I calmed the overall look by using a grey spot  

in the 3" filler blocks, rather than 30 different prints.

And why have I named it "Shadows of Love"?

The Tom Jones' song (Jen Kingwell the designer is a 

big Tom Jones fan!) is about domestic violence

Using a lyric from it would be 

might be more relevant.

I have had a love/hate relationship with this quilt 

hence the shadow that hangs over it.

I've already purchased my backing...

The one on the right.

and a few other fun fabrics!

And I've not been doing much sewing or blogging 

lately....because of this little fellow!

My beautiful grandson, Eli

I have a good excuse, don't you think?

Happy days!



  1. The backing coordinates so well that the front could have been made to go with it. I especially like the few pops of red, and I agree that the grey was the perfect choice for spacing.
    As someone who is half Welsh, it would be unpatriotic of me not to also be a fan of Mr Jones. With your love–hate relationship, I am surprised you didn’t call it ‘Why, why, why?’ 😉
    We had three black cockatoos in our garden this afternoon. They were pulling bits off trees, eating a little and flinging the rest onto our freshly swept paving, but we didn’t mind.
    Yes, great excuse!!

  2. Love seeing your finished quilt top, it looks great. I think going with squares of the same fabric was a great idea and works to give some room in between the blocks. I totally agree with the love/hate relationship with this one. I really enjoyed making all of the blocks, but I'm not in love with it as a whole when I put all of them together. The backing is perfect!

  3. A VERY good excuse and time spent there is much more valuable. Your blocks look great.

  4. I absolutely love everything about the quilt. The colours, the backing fabric, etc. It's all lovely. I can't believe that your grandson is that big now. He's just so cute.

  5. Well done getting your quilt top pieced together. And it does look stunning. You have a wonderful way with your fabric combinations.
    I think grandchildren are a great excuse for just about anything!!

  6. Eli is a very cheeky looking cutie! Delilah looks so wonderful.

  7. You really outdid yourself with the huge amount of piecing on this quilt! Wow. I'm very impressed! It's one of those quilts that I'd need to look at for a long time, just to see everything in it. Good for you to be taking on the sandwiching and quilting yourself. I hope you've come up with a simple quilting design that won't been too tedious for you. It's sure a gorgeous quilt, Susan. So is your grandson... cute, I mean. It's so nice that you're enjoying time with him. You two are making memories to be cherished, I'm sure.

  8. Love the quilt, so much to look at but restful at the same time

  9. Howdy, Love your posts! Can I ask, where did you find your blue trays for holding your fabrics?

  10. I am totally blown away by your progress on this quilt, especially because you had your bike accident in the middle of all this, right? yet kept going and putting together the blocks. It looks grand, Susan. What a great job. I love the pictures of Eli--as Mary said, so much better to spend your time there. But as luck has it, you have both quilting and grandmothering!

  11. It's lovely to see your finished top, so much to look at!

  12. That's the best excuse ever ;-) Your Delilah quilt looks wonderful, I love how all the different blocks come together so homogeneously in the end. That's been a lot of work and I can't wait to see how you're going to quilt it!

  13. The Delilah quilt is beautiful. I really like the Black Cockatoo blocks - fun and twisty. The backing is perfect for it.
    Enjoy your time with your grandson. It is a gift to him and yourself!

  14. You Delilah quilt looks so lovely, as does the backing! Even though I love colorful quilts, I think mine will be a bunch of noisy blocks! Enjoy the time with your Grandson!

  15. I know I have already commented on Instagram, but it bears repeating... this was well worth the effort! It is such a great colour palette, an interesting mix of fabrics and blocks. You have definitely made it your own.

  16. Your "excuse" is totally adorable!!! Love your Delilah quilt too!


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