Sunday, February 19, 2017

At long last...

my Dream Catcher quilt is finished!

Half way through last year I attended two workshops 

with Michelle McKillop at Amitie,

Michelle's version
which gave me access to her as-yet-released

"Dream Weaver" pattern.

This quilt was a pleasure to make from start.....

Low volume nine patch blocks

Cut up and reassembled into a disappearing nine patch

to finish...

Hand pieced centres

I played around with the layout of the 'feathers'....

randomly placed...

or in colour groups?
I decided I needed to cut the background circle away 

before quilting,
and I made a label while I was at it!

That circle may make a great cushion back, one day?

Once the top was basted I chose threads for 

hand quilting....

Here are some close ups of the quilting....

I love the texture it created!

For those who are keen to make this beauty for 


Michelle tells me that the pattern will be released at 

Spring Market in May!

And just a couple more photos for you.....

including the label,

staged with the beautiful new necklace I received for 

my recent birthday!

Thanks Helen, for it and being a patient quilt holder!

Final dimensions: 44" X 49"

Happy days!



  1. Such a beautiful quilt Susan! I love the low value patched background and the colourful dream catcher! Great finish!

  2. That is really beautiful. Great job.

  3. What a beautiful quilt to wake up to this morning! It is so way beyond anything I could do and love that I can enjoy yours. I definitely will be pinning this on my Pinterest Board. Great job, thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, though I had to look quite hard to see all your horizontal quilting on the low volume. Definitely a keeper quilt!!

  5. Such a lovely finish! I like the way the softer ones give it a well worn, well loved look. Great job!

  6. A wonderful quilt! And I love all your hand quilting!

  7. This quilt is so amazing! An absolut beauty! And I love your handstitching - it's just perfect!

  8. Beautiful work, Suz. I love how well planned your colour scheme was, right down to the matching quilt label! It's a gorgeous quilt!

  9. Gorgeous quilt Susan - your hand quilting is beautiful!

  10. I loved hearing about the making of this quilt, the low value fabrics you used for the background make it a very calming quilt to look at. Will you be keeping this one or will you be gifting it?

  11. Such a fabulous quilt Susan! Your quilting is beautiful.

  12. Hi Suz! This is a fantastic quilt! I love the dream catcher, the low volume background and the quilting! x Teje

  13. The quilt has completely fulfilled its promise and is absolutely beautiful now finished! It has been fascinating watching this one grow and come together. What's next? Lynne.

  14. Wow! What a great quilt - the texture is wonderful.
    Happy Belated Birthday - lovely gift.

  15. So different, but so gorgeous!

  16. It was so fun to see this lovely piece of beauty in my email box this morning. I was so carried away but I all your beautiful quilting and PC and hand work. Congratulations to you on such a lovely finish (and I think we all covet that necklace of yours.) Bravo!!!

  17. Your quilt is amazing Susan, the hand quilting finishes it off beautifully.

  18. Doesn't it look wonderful! It has been a delight to watch this one grow. You have made perfect choices with your fabrics and the hand quilting is perfect for this design. Beautiful workmanship! And great settings for your photos.
    Apologies for the delay in leaving a comment and also a late but very well meant Happy Birthday.
    Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  19. I have always loved scrappy low-volume backgrounds, so I absolutely adore this.

  20. absolutely love your quilt and the hand quilting is gorgeous !


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