Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Work not Play!

I haven't had much play time for the last ten days or so, 

but I have done a little sewing!

Some more "A Wild Ride" blocks...

I did test a new block for Andy at A Bright Corner....

and ran this scarf up from some fat quarters of voile 

I had.....

difficult to photograph!

 I received blocks for the Gridster Bee I am 

participating in...

Aren't they fabulous?

And I've made one of my own...

It's hard to imagine that it's nearly time for me to 

return to work for another year,

but I don't really want to think about that just yet!

Happy days,



  1. I love seeing all of the great NY Beauty blocks.

  2. Love the New York beauty blocks....amazing all of them.

  3. Well I think you've managed to do a lot of sewing lately, given that you've been working and on your feet all day at the Australian Open. Coming home after a long day of work, I'd imagine that you don't feel much like doing anything! Love where your Wild Ride blocks are going. They'll make into a fabulously colorful quilt! Keep enjoying... and savoring.

  4. Your scarf is beautiful. Gosh hasn't time flown, have you enjoyed your practice retirement?

  5. Will you be there tonight?? BIG match up - Roger vs Stan. I've cleared my diary for the weekend so I can binge watch the finals. I might need a nana nap on Sunday afternoon in case the men's final goes to 5 sets.

  6. I dislike work too, but it is a necessary evil sometimes. Love your scarf, I have some of that AMH fabric too, but I am going to be using it for a different purpose.

  7. Lovely post! Again I love "reading" the fabrics you use and I see the travel print; it looks great with the other prints. Hope you have a great new year at work!

  8. Now, THAT is a colorful post! It will be fun to see where all those blocks will end up.

  9. Those NY beauties - they take my breath away, so beautiful! I'm a little concerned for Melbourne if you're making scarves already, Suz. So stinking hot up here! Hope the school year has started well for you. I have my eldest in high school and the youngest started Prep. 2017 is going to be very different!

  10. I do like seeing the Wild Ride blocks. They look great. You are a busy bee doing test blocks as well!
    I like your lovely idea of the fabrics in the scarf. That works so well.
    The Gridster blocks look like good fun. How many of those will you receive?

  11. Love seeing your progress with the 'wild ride' blocks! And the New York blocks are great, are you sticking to a colour theme?

  12. Love that scarf! Of course, any AMH will make me smile but that is especially gorgeous. And all your blocks are a great boost of color!

  13. What a lot of wonderful colourful sewing in your life. Those bee blocks are going to come together as the most wonderful quilt.

  14. For someone who has more work than play you get a lot more accomplished than I ever well I am glad to see some of your blocks have arrived. I'll have to get back onto Instagram to see if ours have arrived as well. I've noticed the news about the Australian Open and think of you there.

  15. I love all the things you made and got! The Wild Ride blocks are so fantastic! Hope you had a great time volunteering at the Australian Open again :-) My son went there to watch a match :-)

  16. I do like that test block. Very snazzy. And your bee blocks look very interesting. Were you involved with the tennis this year?


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