Sunday, January 10, 2016

Drifting along...

making more 6" Chuck Nohara blocks....



piecing words for a new bee,

the Spelling bee, of course!

gifting a new doorstop...

joining these blocks,

checking they're balanced with a black and white 

photo first-

Yes, I did move a few round!

And making an addition to this travelling PIP's 


my contribution is the top, bottom and left borders.

How are you spending your lazy Summer days,

or your cold Winter nights?

Happy days!



  1. Hello Susan
    You have been sewing some beautiful projects, I love your square blocks, so many pretty fabrics. Happy sewing. I'm back to work tomorrow but I have had a fun holiday.

  2. Everything looks lovely! We are still painting and moving things around. And to make it even more fun, trying to deal with the financial aid office at OSU. yippee!

  3. Lovely to see you making the most of your break. It looks like you are trying a bit of everything. Aren't digital cameras a great way to check projects?

  4. Wow - you have been busy already in 2016! What a fun doorstop - I hope you didn't have to post that one as I would guess it is quite heavy!

  5. Your Chuck Nohara blocks are lovely, I'm still firmly resisting opening my book :) I love the deer on your doorstop, one of my favourite Echino fabrics.

  6. Glad to see you are keeping out of trouble with all those lovely projects.

  7. The more of the Chuck Nohara blocks I see, the more I want to make something similar too. I love the floral one.
    Black and white photos are so handy. I was playing with the feature on my phone recently too while tarrying to balance layout.

  8. Great tip, that black/white photo to check balance - thanks for sharing! Love all your finishes and in-progress. Last Thursday I felt so pleased to have enlarged my first CN to the right size and was promptly rewarded with a horrible cold. Have spent the last 3 days doing absolutely nothing and will finally get in to see the dr. tomorrow morning!

  9. You always have such a fun variety of projects in the works! Love that applique block--very sweet.

    We're having a day of sunshine here between El Nino storms. I need to make the most of that!

  10. I like that black and white trick, I must remember it!!

  11. Cold is right! If I'm not sewing, or at work, I've been knitting. Socks. Love all your projects

  12. Oooh! Fun to see all these projects, plus those very bright running shoes at the end. I am excited to see the word blocks and will let you know when they arrive. So many fun things today!


  13. I love that appliqu├ęd flower block!

  14. Lots of fun happening during your summer days. I'm spending way too much time on Pinterest during my winter evenings but am at least I'm starting to sew again now that my machine is back from being serviced.


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