Thursday, July 16, 2015

Heart's Content

....that is the new name for the 

"She Loves You" quilt.

I loved piecing and quilting this quilt 

so I think the name fits!

It also goes with my new outlook 

for a stress free life!

From the Jen Kingwell book "Quilt Lovely",

I made twelve different coloured blocks, 

rather than the scrappy ones in the book.

I knew all along that I would hand quilt it.

I chose a white Gutermann quilting thread for most 
of it- 

two lines around each coloured heart and in the sashing....

A soft piece of Liberty, I think, for the back
with some black Aurifil #12 for the 

contrasting block, with just one row.

As its not a large quilt at 25" x 33.5",

I completed most of it while I was away.

And finished the binding earlier in the week.

The gloomy weather has prevented any earlier photo shoots!

So some simple photos of a simply 'lovely' quilt will suffice!

Thanks Jen for a great pattern!

I'll be back soon with the 3rd in the

 'hat trick' of Jen's patterns.

Happy sewing!



  1. looks great.......nice colourful hearts.........

  2. Gorgeous, and definitely worth the effort of hand quilting. Is that a pretty Liberty on the back? Whatever it is, it is lovely.

  3. I love your interpretation (not that I've seen the original). A stress free life sounds a fabulous aim.

  4. This is a beautiful finish, the hand quilting is perfect for it. I love the hearts.

  5. Very very sweet! And I love the addition of the hand-quilting!

  6. Another wonderful finish. I like your decision to make the hearts in a single color. It gives it a fresh look and reminds me of a box of crayons. Great job!

  7. A nice slow stitching holiday, good idea to make the hearts single colourways, they stand out better.

  8. This is beautiful - love how you've made it scrappy.

  9. It is a lovely quilt. The different ways to use the log cabin block seem endless. I do like each heart being a different colour. And your hand quilting always adds interest to the look of the blocks.
    Great finish.

  10. I think it is a great job from the color planning, to the arrangement, to the quilting and finishing. I sure do understand about uncooperative weather for photo finishes.

  11. very very sweet! great mix of fabrics.

  12. Beautiful! I love the way you have the rainbow, but also how that lovely gray block snuck in there too. Such a sweet masterpiece. Of course, you hand quilted it--you are so good at that, and I love the binding, too. Congrats on another wonderful finish!


  13. Your scrappy hearts are beautiful and the hand quilting just finishes them off perfectly.

  14. What a wonderful quilt and I really, really love the handquilting! Gorgeous finish!

  15. What a fabulous little quilt.

  16. Looks gorgeous - I might have to make one of these hearts for my scrappy sampler quilt.

  17. Found you!!!
    Love your hearts and the hand quilting adds so much extra!

  18. You know how I feel about this quilt of yours Susan!!! So lovely to see it finished. The hand quilting is just so perfect for this project too. Yay for a gorgeous finish!!

  19. I love the name Hearts Content and the notion of it being your new outlook on life. Contentment goes a long way toward being stress free and in the moment rather than wanting/needed something else all the time. There was a time when my prayer life really centered on the concept of gratitude and in that I found contentment. Need to get back to that place myself. This was a good reminder.

  20. So so pretty! Now I have the Beatles song stuck in my head:). I like that you hand quilted it. Makes it even more special. The bottom reverse block adds a modern feel. I just love it!!!!


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