Friday, April 17, 2015

"She Loves You"

That is the name of this pretty heart block...

from Jen Kingwell's new book "Quilt Lovely!"

Each block finishes at 7.5"...

and come together easily!

I have been working my way through the rainbow...

with a negative one thrown in for good measure!

For now I am playing with layouts....

but any further additions may have to wait!

Today my sewing room is being given over to a 

visitor from France!

Just as well I have some new hand sewing needles... 

to try out!

Happy sewing!



  1. I love that block! And the book! Did you use foundation paper to piece the block? I didn't realize it is so small! A visitor from France is fun! I can't wait to hear what you think of the needles from Tulip. I love the pins...they are very smooth. Have a great weekend!

  2. Such wonderful blocks! I love that you've included a negative one. Hsve a lovely time with your visitor from France. Lucky you having a box of tulip needles, i particularly like the appliqué needles.

  3. Love those blocks. Enjoy your friend.

  4. I love all the colors in these blocks, and the visual texture you've created. But, as I think I've mentioned before, I'm allergic to hearts, and have been for many years. Just know that I admire everything you make, and this is no exception. A thumbs up from me!

  5. It's so fun seeing all your heart blocks together! I love each and every one of them. Enjoy your French visitor ;-))

  6. I heart your hearts! They look even better all together like that. Those needles are so beautifully packaged I would probably try to eat them. They're gorgeous.

  7. I have some Tulip applique needles and really like them. the black/white negative heart is a very fun addition to your quilt.

  8. Great blocks. They look lovely.
    Enjoy your visitor!

  9. Wonderful blocks! I love your addition of the negative!

  10. Love your versions of these blocks, I have the book too, and have found it most inspiring. Must finish a few WIPs before I start anything new though.

  11. I love these scrappy hearts, and I always love to see another log cabin variation.

  12. Love your heart blocks and also how the background looks like windows (from the way it is pressed). Hope you have some fun with your visitor.

  13. REally nice scrappy project, like your hearts.

  14. These are all such cute little hearts. I just spent some time today looking through the book while at the bookstore.

  15. Awesome - love them all they are so fresh and pretty! I really need this book don't I! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  16. Oh, these blocks are fabulous and I love that you're making them in a rainbow. Beautiful!

    Curious to hear how you like these needles for hand sewing. I've been eyeing some to try and would love to hear your thoughts on using them.

    Happy weekend to you!

  17. I am still admiring the outside of my box of needles - too pretty to open.
    Only 7.5 inches square, so many pieces and EASY? Wow! They look fabulous.

  18. I have been curious about the tulip needles and will be interested to know what you think of them. Again ... LOVE LOVE LOVE those hearts!


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