Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some Joy...

The recent events in Sydney have left me very sad....

I've spent some time on a wool felting project which 

didn't require much thought.

The wool 'roving' was a bargain at Daiso!

I was inspired by this photo on the BHG website.

It took no time to put together...

I embroidered some "JOY" onto the little felt flags.

And have it hanging on my mirror!

That's the best photo I could get, without showing 

you my messy sewing corner!

Now I am planning some new, more challenging 


with this lovely packet of rainbow wool I bought 


But first I have some hashtag blocks to make for Mollie Sparkles!

I hope you find some joy in today, and everyday.



  1. The news has been shocking - and makes us all realise that life is so precious. On a happier note - what a cool wee project! Love that rainbow bag of wool, and look forward to seeing what it turns into.

  2. I love your swag - looks fantastic. It will take a long time for many of us to recover from Monday's events.

  3. It is one of those terrible things, I am going to make some blocks for Joshua too. I like your little garland.

  4. I have only done a bit of is fun! You are so lucky to have a Diaso near you! I am dying to go in one. I have a thing for all that cute stuff :) lovely bunting...take it easy. The events the last two days have been disturbing.

  5. I've never done wool your little project. it's good to fill your time with some good things amid the crazy stuff isn't it.

  6. I love your bunting! Now I'm very curious as to what other shapes you're going to play with.

  7. Very festive! The events in Sydney were such a shock to me when I turned on the news that morning. What a tragedy.

  8. The Sydney seige has just been awful. Your bunting is fun. The bag of rainbow felt looks full of possibilities.

  9. Wishing you much peace and joy for the holidays. Your little project is so cute.

  10. That is one adorable bunting! Super cute idea - great way to add color, life and happiness to a dreadful week in Sydney.

  11. Super cute! There's sadness all around us, so it's good to hang on to that joy!

  12. I never thought of craft shopping in Daiso! Adorable garland!
    I am trying not to think about all the sad news this week - Sydney, Pakistan and now Cairns. I keep reminding myself that the JOY in the world rarely hits the news.

  13. What a lovely project! We could all do with more joy.

    Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too.

  14. Yay Suz you got to link up! I love your swag with joy embroidered against your fabulous mirror! Love it !!!

  15. I am delighted that we are finding goodness and joy in the mist of adversity. What a sad time it is for all of us especially those who have lost their loved ones. My heart bleeds for them. Thank goodness for human kindness! love Marie xxx


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