Thursday, April 24, 2014

Really Random Thursday

I don't think I showed you the Easter bunting

I made for faraway friends...

and the back!

This cute mosaic is a recent addition 

on the footpath at my local shopping centre,

Very cute!

and it seems like patchwork patterns 

are gaining popularity here.

I've made some recent fabric purchases,

the foxes were from L'Uccello, the others from Big W!

And I bumped into Ralph Fiennes,

when I was out to dinner the other night!

Can you tell I was pretty excited?

This is how some of you might know him...
'Voldemort' in Harry Potter
That's okay, my future daughter-in-law didn't 

recognise him either!

Happy days!



  1. How fun! I would like to have dinner someplace celebs hang out... Actually I would just like to go out for dinner anywhere! ;-) Gorgeous stash additions and that bunting is so cute!

  2. That is the cutest bunting!! Fancy bumping into Ralph Fiennes. I don't think of him as Voldemort at all. I remember him from romantic fims like The English Patient and The End of the Affair. Great new fabrics!!

  3. Oh haha, I never realised he was Voldemort! Always very exciting to bump into someone famous :-) love your bunting.

  4. Thank you again for the Easter surprise! Lovely fabric purchases....what do you have up your sleeve now? now I recognize your celebrity friend! Hehe!

  5. Your Easter bunting is so cute! Very cool to bump into Ralph Fiennes. As much as I admire him (and the Harry Potter series), you'd think I would have realized he was Voldemort. Learned something new ;-)

  6. Hi Suz! Cute little foxes you picked up. The actor looks much better without makeup : )

  7. Oh brilliant to meet Ralph Fiennes!

    The nearest I ever got to a star at dinner was an Aussie I met in a Bali restaurant; I spent more than a drunken hour trying to convince him that he was actually Harrison Ford! He wasn't convinced!

  8. How cool to meet him - I remember watching a movie which had him in it and asking the kids if they knew who he was as they are all huge HP fans!

  9. Such cute bunting! I would have never recognized him! How fun but he scares me!

  10. I'm with Lucy - oh to go out for dinner!! Super exciting having your photo with RP though :-) And your bunting is just the cutest.

  11. Love your bunting. And the mosaic is delightful.
    Gosh - you never know who you will meet!

  12. No way! What's he doing in Oz? I want to see his latest (Budapest Hotel), it looks fun.

  13. Oooo. A celebrity sighting! That's pretty cool. Okay, I'll name drop too... I'm staying in the same Paducah motel as Alex Anderson. We eat breakfast in the same room every morning! I haven't yet pestered her for a photo, but I still might. Thank you for making me one of the happy recipients of your charming Easter bunting. The label on it is cute too. Always good stuff coming from you, Susan.

  14. Fun post, Suz! I plan to hang my bunting "wrong side out" now that Easter is over....Tell me where I can get that great tape that you use for your labels.

  15. I think of the English Patient more than he who cannot be named as he is so made up he is almost unrecognisable in that role.
    I love the bunting and the mosaics!

  16. Wow--I'd be totally starstruck if I met him, and not just from the Harry Potter movies. Congrats to you for being such a calm person to get a photo. I love also the addition of patchwork and the mosaic to your life. I'm glad you took a photo and share it!


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