Monday, December 2, 2013

A finish, of sorts!

You may remember this pretty stack of fabric?

One piece has become this....

I have set myself a task of turning my many 

polaroid blocks into mini calendars....

one for each month of the year!

And with the heat hitting today,

the orange of "January" is quite appropriate!

Another way of using these could be to make one 

for each season?

Here's a quick how-to...

I sash each polaroid with a 2.5" strip....

cut each block on the angle to make a 5" square 

and join four together....

Some simple narrow sashing and embroidery 

before quilting and binding...

and VOILA!

A cute mini for December, 

finishing at 11" X 15"!

I can officially say I have started 

decorating for Christmas!

Happy days!



  1. Wow that's a brilliant idea Suz, and they look fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing all the rest as you make them.

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  3. These are super cute! A great idea to have a mini for each month of the year. Brilliant.

  4. What a great idea - I have a little pile of polaroids that have been waiting for me to use somehow :-)

  5. Great idea, perfectly sewn as usual.
    ps. like your little friend!

  6. Great way to use them - you can enjoy them all year round.
    The tree is up at our house too. Advent is in full swing!

  7. Very cute! My decorations are still in the attic!

  8. I love these! This is the way Polaroids should be presented! Like you just tossed them onto the coffee table. I love it! Thanks for the tutorial. Not a single decoration up here yet, but it won't be long. I did pull the boxes out!

  9. What a brilliant idea Susan!!! Makes me want to make some Polaroid blocks even more now. I almost chose this as my MCM Bee block ;-)

  10. OH now this is clever! Very fun! Can't wait to see the collection grow!

  11. What a very, very happy idea! Love these!

  12. Cute cute. I need to try some Polaroid blocks. Yours look very fun

  13. What a fun way to use those cute polaroid blocks. It will be fun to see each months as you make them!

  14. Oh that is a super fun way to use some of your favorite fabrics. Thanks for the tutorial! I look forward to each month.

  15. A very cute mini - great way to use up some fussy cut Christmas fabrics.

  16. You are way ahead of me with the decorating! This is a wonderful idea.

  17. What a clever idea for your polaroids, Susan! I'll be looking forward to your calendar of quilts!!

  18. What a great way to use those blocks!

  19. It's gorgeous and the Christmas one coule make a massive advent calendar if you kept going. Just saying.

  20. I love these!!

    An excellent idea for using up those Polaroid blocks. We all love to make them, to trade them, and then we wonder---what will I do with them! I hope you are putting these up on the Polaroid Swap Flickr group. Such a great idea!



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