Friday, November 15, 2013

Ah, that's where my MOJO was.....

Right here.....

Sweet Clare had it all the time!

But she kindly sent it back to me....

even though the newspaper is French!

all the way from England!

And look what she did with it....

If you follow that link (above) you will see 

she gave lots of hints about this beauty!

I love everything about it...

the colours, the vintage fabric, the stitching, 

that amazing eight-pointed star!

and the little extras she added!

As I said on IG....

"It's not even my birthday!"

Thank you Clare....

you are a very special soul!

Happy days!



  1. OH!!!! Sorry bout the creases!!!!

  2. That is so very cool. What a nice friend you have :)

  3. Lucky You to have received such a wonderful gift and to have such a special friend.

  4. Wow! What an amazing parcel to receive! I love the little corner star pieces on the mini quilt. Your mojo has fully returned!

  5. Wow, that is one gorgeous package, she is sweet indeed and very talented indeed!!

  6. A very special package! All the details on the block are primed to keep your mojo running for quite a while. And all those extra goodies too!

  7. Oh she is a sweet soul! That quilt is gorgeous! And her embroidery is stellar! Don't you just love Clare?! So glad you have your mojo back!

  8. Lucky you! Happy un-birthday : )

  9. How sweet, quilty friends are the best!

  10. Beautiful! thrilled for you!

  11. So glad the mojo was not lost... only misplaced... and somebody found it and its back where it belongs... roll on some more +/x blocks please!


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