Thursday, July 11, 2013

Really Random Thursday....

A cute 'Summery' mural on the wall of

 public conveniences 

on the Mornington Peninsula...

covered in lace and yarn!

seen in the bathroom of a favourite coffee shop...

And I'm swapping some Polaroids!

These are such fun!

These are two of my favourites!

Another City Sampler block!

And I have had the Feathers out again...

I am thinking of setting them at an angle, 

probably adding fabric between them all...

to give them more room to 'fly'...

What do you think?

Productively will slow down somewhat now...

I am back to work on Monday!

 (And just on a side note...

I've noticed while trying to comment on blogs via Blog Lovin',

that it is not possible for some....

I'm wondering whether it has to do with the blog's comment settings?

I think it needs to be set at "Pop-Up Window" rather than "Embedded"? 

Worthwhile checking if you've noticed a drop off in comments since July 1!)

Happy days!



  1. You have been busy on those blocks! I love the feathers! I think you are on to something here.

  2. You have been busy on those blocks! I love the feathers! I think you are on to something here.

  3. does bloglovin not open the blog like it would if you went straight to the www. address for the blog..............I have heard others complain about this...........I use feedly and not having any issues.....can you comment on mine or do you have problems???

  4. Hi Suz, love those polaroids! not sure why reading blogs on bloglovin' would have any effect on comments, you still publish your blog post through Blogger or whatever you use and that's where your settings are, not in the reader. I don't have any trouble reading blogs on bloglovin', I just click on the blog name or the post header, either way the blog opens up as per usual. I have my Blogger comments setting as FULL PAGE. Those Feathers are flying!! looking good!

  5. I love those reindeer! Art is popping up everywhere....
    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with your feathers.

  6. Love the idea of the feathers on a slant - go for it!

    Can't offer any bloglovin advice as I've gone the feedly route. Can you comment on mine? If not I'll go in and change some settings.

  7. I love your randomness today, Suz...put a smile on my face for sure!! I've noticed the same thing with a few of the blogs that I read through bloglovin'. I've had to google their blog and then leave a comment. I can privately tell you which ones they are so we can compare notes on that and maybe help solve the issue.

  8. oh I like the feathers at an angle! And fun polaroids. Did you swap with me way back when??

  9. So many fun things! I love those feathers and in my opinion, they'll look fabulous no matter how you place them.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. The deer is just gorgeous, I haven't noticed a problem posting comments through bloglovin' (but then I haven't been posting a lot of comments) I also really like the polaroids, might have to play with them later in the year.

  11. I love that deer!!! And your feathers will look brilliant set on an angle!! I've noticed that I can't comment on some blogs too. Let me know if you have problems with mine. Enjoy your last few days of holidays.

  12. Thanks for the heads up on the comment thing! I just changed mine, so we shall see if it makes a difference! I really like the idea of the feathers on an angle. I'd say go for it.

  13. Love the feathers idea, and all that other random mularky xxx

  14. Love the feathers more random with the fabric between!

  15. All pics in this post are wonderful. LOVE the mural and the deer and the Polaroid and the feathers.

  16. I've noticed a decrease in comments, but it's because I haven't been posting! haha Or really sewing at all. :) Summer for us means not much sewing machine time for me, but it's okay. Come fall I'll be back in business.

    Your projects are all great Susan. The feathers are my favourite!

  17. I like the idea of those blocks. They look great.
    Good luck with going back to work!

  18. Wow, you've been busy!
    Everything looks great, but the feathers are especially amazing. I prefer them all grey, gives the sense of continuity. But whatever you decide, they'll be gorgeous!

  19. I so love those feathers having a serious feathers envy now!

  20. Really love the look of the feathers on an angle! I need to go back and visit Mornington some day too...

  21. It's so great to see all you'll be working on. Those Polaroid blocks are really nice, and I'm glad you haven't completely given up on you AMH feathers. It's good to be able to play around with setting options for them. Sure enjoyed the cute mural, and that funky reindeer. I've never seen either such things! Sorry to hear that work is calling again. I'm sure that vacation felt too short.

  22. Sorry I'm a bit late to this post... The feathers look great on the angle and I love the idea of a polaroid swap! jealous! :o)

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