Sunday, June 3, 2012

Feeling Neglected!

For some time now I have had some pieces of fabric,

just sitting around feeling neglected...

You may recognise them as the leftover bits from my 

"Summer Stars" quilt, first 

posted about back in January....

And after all the hand sewing I have been 

concentrating on recently,

I really wanted to sit at my machine and just 


And this is the result!

Apart from the fact they remind me of a radioactive 

sign, I think I like them....

There are still some design decisions to be made...

maybe some setting triangles or sashing strips?

Advice gratefully accepted!

Happy sewing!



  1. Suz, these are brilliant!!! I like them all put together like the way you have done, no sashing. Fabulous fun fabrics!!

  2. I am sure that if you let them, they will decide what they want. Very nice use of those scraps.

  3. Very nice! I like them just the way they are too.

  4. I agree! No sashing - they look fab like that. Maybe a border before you bind if you think it needs 'something'?

  5. Have you tried putting a few setting triangles next to them? I can picture it the way you have it now {fantastic!} but also with a high contrast setting triangle...something in black and white maybe? A strong stripe or a polka dot. It would be fun to see what you get with triangles...but this it great just the way it is too!!! Another fabulous bit of tinkering around!

  6. Hexagons, yeah :) looks good.

  7. amazing what can be done with left overs!
    I think you must have quite a few colourful quilts at the nearly finished stage?

  8. They look awesome! The colours work great together. Go with the triangles =D

  9. I'd be tempted to see what triangles look like, too. Although I LOVE them all cuddled up together like that!

  10. I'm with the mob... love them like they are against the dark background....
    it's wonderful using up left overs and scraps...

  11. I didn't see it straight off, but yeah, radioactive signs definitely! I'd be tempted to square them out with a solid/neutral - and give each hexie a chance to shine.

  12. these look great, the scrappier the better.

  13. They look fantastic for left overs. I am never good with design issues I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  14. I love these!
    I have a BUNCH of leftover pieces from my star quilt, and this is a great idea. As usual, I always take away something interesting when I visit your blog!

    Elizabeth E.

  15. I love them the way they look all together, they kinda look a little 3D.


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