Saturday, March 18, 2023

From Stash to Wardrobe!

 I've had some success with my garment sewing over

 the last couple of weeks, and some failures too!

The cotton lawn kimono-type nightie was too big in the

 bust area so that will be moved out...

The pink fabric I hope to make in a dress was narrow so

 has gone back into the stash.

The dress shown in this pattern wasn't without its

 issues either.

The armhole facings were different sizes!

I emailed McCall USA but I'm not sure they appreciated 

my interference!

Well, they never said thank you anyway!

I decided to put sleeves in rather than wait for an 

answer from them.

The dress has plenty of 'ease'.

Do you think that, in fashion terms, 

means it's going to be too big?

Anyway, I may wear it about and see how it feels.

The second success was the Lisette 2245 blouse that

 I have made numerous times.

It fits nicely and is very cool on a hot day like today!

I've cut out the Melody tunic in the green check BUT....

I'm thinking it might be time to bite the bullet 

and baste a quilt.

I feel like doing some quilting!

Happy sewing!



Karen S said...

Sometimes plans can go astray. But at least you have completed tow lovely garments. I do like the dress. I can see it being very comfy on our hot days - like today.
Interesting that the pattern was incorrect. They usually do a lot of testing to pick up these mistakes.

Susan Smith said...

Well done on the garments that went well & I'll admit to doing very little garment sewing these days, but it is what led me into quilting after sewing for myself when I was growing up & for the 3 kids when little. Cooler today, so enjoy. Take care & hugs.

FlourishingPalms said...

Isn't it interesting how our quilting and sewing desires move forward and backward in precedence? I have a stack of fabrics and patterns I want to make, but for the time being, quiltmaking is the priority. Perhaps when the weather gets warmer, and I'm thoroughly sick of wearing the same clothes (seemingly), I'll pull out the garment fabrics. I like the fabrics you're using, and in fact that Lisette blouse suits you well. I need to find such a pattern for myself, so I can make and make it, assured that it will be successful. Interesting about the McCall's pattern having some incorrect pattern pieces. I like seeing your sewing progress as much as your quiltmaking progress - including your garment-making list! Wow. That's something I've never done, but perhaps I should.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I haven't touched garment sewing in a very, very long time and have no plans to do so. Yours look lovely, though. So, does that mean you're going to hand stitch the quilt, or just baste it getting ready to machine sew?

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Two great garments! I haven't sewn clothes since my high school days! Enjoy making a start with the quilting too...

Karen said...

Both your top and dress are a big success in my book. They look great on you, wonderful additions to a summer wardrobe.

Cindy B said...

Loving the dress!!!! Looks so cool & comfy!!!! Just my style. I have found mistakes in clothes patterns as well. Aggravating.

How wide are the strips in your quilt? It is fantastic!!!!!

OPQuilt said...

You do inspire me, and I totally agree with Linda's comments about feeling absorbed by one type of sewing to the detriment of another. I need new clothes, so I should follow your example and make a list. I always get stuck on the fitting issues. Always. I think your idea of making the pattern more than once is a great idea to avoid getting stuck on how a pattern fits. As for McCalls, don't hold your breath. I'm glad you caught the error before you tried to use the facing! All in all, I enjoyed this fashion show and love the new clothes!

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