Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More garment sewing!

Back in February, I saw a “Seed” dress in a local op shop.

I bought the cardigan though, that is on the right there!


It was too small but I loved its easy style.


I had two patterns that I thought I could make work,


So once I found some fabric, on sale at Spotlight,


I decided it was time to give it a go. 


The mauve double gauze is for a boxy blouse, next Summer

I used the skirt and front band from the Stylearc 



and lengthened the bodice of the Simplicity one.


The inverted pleat can be seen here.

The Simplicity pattern has the back gathered into the 


I made an inverted pleat like the Seed dress instead.


I added a contrast collar, cuffs and the centre band 

closure with a light weight denim.


And the pockets cut on the bias with denim flaps.

I was pretty pleased with my check matching skills, 

although I acknowledge it’s not perfect.


It still need buttons here.

The trick is to not stand still long enough for anyone to 


I hope to get a better 'modelled' photo soon.

Happy days,



Suz J said...

That's a really cool inspiration dress and you've done an amazing job of hacking the patterns to suit. Imagining you moving around super fast so no one can spot any imperfections 😂😂

dutchcomfort said...

It's so difficult to have the checks match, you did a great job! I loved garment sewing when I was a young girl/woman. Once I had enough money to buy my clothes, the love was over and it never came back ;-)

FlourishingPalms said...

Isn't it refreshing to sew clothes as a change from quiltmaking? I recently made a new summer top, so I know how garment-sewing feels. Though your dress is definitely more involved than a top! It's great that you have the knowledge and skill to combine patterns to come up with just what you want. You've done a great job making sure the dress details - pockets, flaps, plaid-matching - are right. It looks like such a comfortable dress to wear.

Anonymous said...

I think your dress is much more attractive than the original.

Susan Smith said...

Well done and the pattern matching is great. Wow, this weather has certainly changed, so stay warm & take care. Hugs Susan.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Well done on the pattern matching. The first thing I noticed in the 1st photo was the mis-matched pockets (I hate that sort of thing) - I hoped as I scrolled down that you'd do the right thing - you didn't disappoint :) ..... and your colour choice was a lot better too :)

Needled Mom said...

Great job and it’s a really cute design.

Karen S said...

Your dress looks great. You really have an eye for putting things together that work.It has turned out really well.

OPQuilt said...

I love this!!
You are the one that gives me inspiration to get going on my garment sewing, and since you always make your sewing look like it's a dream, I am encouraged. Such a great looking dress--congrats on your finish.

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