Saturday, August 11, 2018


 Yes, that is what I started to think when I realised 

how many straight lines

I would have to sew to get this finished!

The overall design of this never worked for me....

             and I just wanted to move it from 

            the "WIPS" list to the "Finished" one!

    There is a line in "Alice in Wonderland" that says 

                 all the best people are bonkers!

                         So it certainly fits!

I think I will find a recipient  who will likeit!

     It's had a wash and dry and waiting patiently for                     
                    that person to materialise.

              That makes my 8th quilt finish for 2018 

                                and #96 ever.....

                                Happy sewing!



  1. Bonkers looks great! I’m sure there will be a very happy recipient!! I have quite some of those projects laying around that should better be finished, as I’ve either never loved them or fell out of love over the years. But... I’m too busy starting new and happy projects ;-) I’m incorrigible!

  2. I love it and the quilting looks fantastic. It will be easy to find someone who will love this quilt.

  3. This one caught my eye! I know all those straight quilting lines could make you bonkers.LOL

  4. Yeah for finishing it when it does not call to you.

  5. The quilt looks fantastic Susan!

  6. Bonkers is terrific, but I get what you mean when you say you are ready to share it with the world. And yes--all that straight sewing would definitely take some serious quilting time. But you did it, and it's ready to launch. Bravo! and congratulations on your finish, even with a hook in one finger!

  7. I think that sometimes we all look at what we are doing and think we are a little crazy. But look what you have turned that craziness into - a delightful quilt. I am impressed that you stuck with the quilting. That finishes it off so well. Great to see it finished!!

  8. I sure enjoy seeing how hard you're working to finish your projects and keep going! You've got a real "go-get-'em" attitude. "Bonkers" is great. Love the name and love what you did with it. That diagonal straight line quilting looks really good. Hope you find a good home for it. Your work needs to be appreciated! (Hope your finger is healing well.)

  9. That is the only problem with cross hatch quilting - whatever the size of the project. At least it's finished now and you can move on to something you like more.

  10. I had not noticed the striped fabric you used for the binding... it is perfect! A quiet calm area but still with a bit of interest.


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