Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lost your Mojo?

It happens to us all...

We find ourselves with a sewing window, and don't 

know what we want to work on?

While I knew I should begin quilting one of the three 

flimsies have waiting, 

"Stepping out with Alice"

"Shadows of Love"

"Tiger Tales"

I wasn't sure I had the enthusiasm to baste anything 


I started thinking about how I might fill the day?

I've made a list of 

"Things to do in the sewing room when you are not 

sure what you want to do!"

1. Clean your sewing machine

2. Clean your cutting table

3. Change the blades in your rotary cutters

4. Join batting scraps to make a useable piece....

Don't forget to measure and label it!

I did this one first, then another too, for my "Tiger 

Tales", so it's ready to go!

5. Make (scrappy) binding

6. Make labels for all those 'quilts in waiting'

7. Make a pieced backing from stash fabric....

which I also did!

It is for a black and white quilt I'll eventually make 

with these...

when I find the perfect pattern, of course!

8. Cut scraps into useable shapes, example 

Dresden Plates or Hexies...

then sell them online!

I did that too!

What do you do when your sewing mojo disappears?

I'd love to know!



  1. Lovely flimsies! Such a great list of things to work on while procastinating others! When I don’t know what to work on I mostly start cleaning my sewing space, by putting stashes from the left to the right and vice versa... I would love to know how you make your quilt labels. I always forget to put those on my quilts!

  2. I do a lot of 8 when I haven't a clue what to do, but I never SELL the bits I cut up. How clever!

  3. I love your list, these are great ideas, thank you! I recently started a pinterest board that has pictures of fabric and patterns that I own, this way I can get inspired and remember what I have on hand.

  4. These sure are helpful tips and guess there is always things we could do when we don't know what we really want to get into...thanks Suz

  5. Sorry to hear about your mojo but it sure makes for an interesting and fun post for me to read. I love your Alice quilt and what you made with the fabrics, mine are still sitting in my stash. I can totally understand being in a sew standstill because I tend to finish quilts when the mood strikes. Hope you find new inspiration soon!

  6. What a good topic for a blog post. You've found some great ways to utilize your not-in-the-mood time. I don't have anything to add to your list, which is perhaps good as I don't lose sew-jo very often (once every two years or so?). I'd love to read a post about making backings. You see, my year of self-imposed "no fabric-buying" is really testing my fortitude. It's the backings that are the most difficult, especially on the quilts with white backgrounds... I don't like or want white backings. If you're looking for a lovely backing design - meant as a quilt top - I recommend the free pattern "Bookmark," by Material Girl Quilts. Just tell me you don't like this one! I hope you're appreciating your quilting hiatus. I don't think it hurts a bit to have one now and again. Hope you're filling it up with some good books.

  7. A good little list - when I am procrastinating, I like to oil and clean my machines. If I'm not out of my funk by then, I do some mindless scrap sewing - my leader-ender projects. It sounds like you spent your time productively - even if you didn't do what you thought you should be doing!

  8. Now I want to make a list. Maybe I will get more done that way. Hugs, lj

  9. I alluded to this feeling in Go with the Flow blog post I did a couple of weeks ago. I have found, that for me, it is unrealistic to believe that I can crank out creative projects one right after another without feeling that burned out, blah feeling. And to top it off, you are working full time, too! I think that have some fallow time (or as a biologist friend said to me, "lag phase") is critical to our mental health. I like the idea of doing some studio-cleaning, and some other tasks that don't take our time/energy. I loved this post!!

  10. All great ideas. I tend to find folding fabric very soothing during those non creative periods.

  11. What good suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Those are great tops. I hope you find the desire to quilt them soon. That's a great list of things to do. I generally cut fabric for another project to have at the ready.

  13. I'm guessing we all have moments like this. And it's good to have little breaks now & then. I tend to get right out of the sewing room for a bit, lots of walks, reading, family etc. You've made up a great list!

  14. These are great ideas. I am now going to read through all the comments to see if others have added suggestions too.
    It is frustrating having the time to sew but not be motivated. This looks like a good way to be productive. Thanks for all your ideas.

  15. I usually either clean up my sewing room or just start sewing squares of scraps together. About halfway in I find my mojo back and go on. I’m in the midst of cleaning my sewing room - not because I lost my mojo but because I can’t find things. ��

  16. Lots of good ideas here. Buying new fabric sometimes kick starts the sewjo too.

  17. Lots of great suggestions there. What a great idea to make lots of scrappy binding in preparation for a future project!

    Can I add one more to your list? Go on a holiday, away from your sewing things... then you'll really be wanting and wishing you could be at your machine :-D


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