Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tula and Noosa!

I've just returned from a short sojourn north to 

The Noosa River on Wednesday morning!

where I was lucky enough to be present at 

Tula Pink's talk and trunk show in Brisbane!

Note the owl pendant which echoes her designs

What a delight it was to hear her talk about her 


her design process (paint chips included) and even 

the story behind the Elizabeth range;

for example the pelican is a symbol of motherly love.

All her quilts are quilted, by Angela Walters, 

with double polyester batting....

"Why a double layer of batting?"

 I hear you ask.....

Photography takes away a certain percentage of the 

texture created by quilting!

This is from her 'soon-to-be released' range- Slow & Steady

The double batting puts it back!

Part way through Tula's presentation, 

I remembered I owned this sweet piece of Hushabye 


which is now rare and out of print.

I think I may frame it!

I may have made a few purchases, to 'enhance' my 


While visiting my friend Marg, we may have indulged 

in some sunshine, a margarita...

and a delightful lunch at Maison de Provence in the 

Noosa Hinterland!

And in other exciting news, I won a class from 

"Amitie" with Michelle Mckillop,

 using this fabric for my colour palette.

I'm looking forward to starting something new....

and look forward to sharing it with you!

Happy days, 



  1. What a wonderful and designer.......

  2. oh that would have been great to be in on that trunk show!

  3. How wonderful. What a great trunk show. Looks lik you had a lovely trip. Congratulations on your win.

  4. How wonderful. What a great trunk show. Looks lik you had a lovely trip. Congratulations on your win.

  5. So glad you were able to escape the Melbourne winter for a few days to go to Tula's trunk show - she was just amazing!

  6. Lucky you Suz, the trunk show looks great, not sure yet if I will have enough time to go to her trunk show on Saturday, there is a lot to cram in over one day. I often use double batting as I find my quilting looks better as well, although it can make for a really heavy quilt.

  7. It looks and sounds like it was a great time.

  8. You are soooooo lucky to see Tula Pink and enjoy her quilts and her personality. I'm also glad you were able to take a few days and relax and rejuvenate!

  9. So jealous you got to see her quilt and hear her talk. Wish she was coming to NZ. I was surprised to hear she used polyester batting - I thought that was frowned upon by the 'quilting world'.

  10. Noosa & Tula a great combo. Thank you for sharing Tula's quilts, they are stunning. And congratulations on winning a class with Michelle, she is an amazing designer and I am sure you will enjoy your time in her class.

  11. Wow, it has been an eventful time for you.
    Bet you wish you were still in Noosa after today's weather!
    The Tula sounds like it was very interesting and informative. I do enjoy hearing about the design process.
    And well done on winning the class, too.

  12. So happy you had a chance to travel to Noosa and Brisbane. Sounds like you had a perfect get away. Good to know you enjoyed Tula's presentation too. I saw on IG that she was missing a tote bag after a presentation (maybe the one in Brisbane?). Do you know if it was ever recovered? Nice that you have some special fabric to cherish. It's too bad you didn't get it autographed!

  13. I'm more than jealous... I'd love to meet Tula Pink and have her lovely quilts and fabrics explained by herself. And I'd love to go to Noosa too. We spent only four days in and around Noosa but it really felt like paradise... Have fun with all the lovely fabrics you bought, I'm curious to see what you'll make!

  14. This post is full of fun stuff! Her fabric is amazing,and how lucky were you to see her and her quilts in person. A great trip!

  15. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I got to attend a Tula lecture last year in Denver and found her quite inspirational. I haven't used a lot of her fabrics yet but have managed to accumulate a few.

  16. Congratulations - what a wonderful prize. You've been having a great time lately. I saw Tula at the Sydney Quilt Show but didn't attend her lecture (because I knew I would be taking Thea with me). Her fabric designs are spectacular - framing your special piece is a great idea.

  17. An Amitie class to look forward to - what fun!
    Pelicans are a symbol of motherly love? I did not know that. I know they like to sleep on the top of the light poles beside the bridge near my house.

  18. Lucky you! It sounds as though you got a lot out of Tulas Trunk Show. I can just imagine the fun time you had visiting Marg as well. And a prize of an Amite class, great times all round!!

  19. Hi Suz! I caught the Tula show in Sydney. How fabulous was she?! Very generous with her experience, and very funny. I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Her talk was such a highlight for me.


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