Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A quick update....

Amidst the madness of the Christmas rush,

Mr PnP and I have had a few days at the beach!

recharging the batteries with some walks and, of course....

some sewing for me!

In the recent Aussie Christmas swap, I received

not only two wonderful fabric creations

 but all these extras, 

including heaps of precut hexies!

So it would have been rude not to have started 

something new!

This lovely quilt greeted me at the Airbnb property 

where we stayed!

Isn't it a beauty?

I'm thinking I might make this in modern colours, 

maybe even solids.

And this is what I achieved after a couple of nights 


Not sure what I'll make yet, I'm just enjoying the 

process at the moment!

Finally an update on my Chuck Nohara blocks....

Twelve blocks made!

Happy days!



  1. Those beach shots are gorgeous! And your new hexie project is wonderful. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it. (Although, to tell the truth, just making the hexies and sewing them together is such great therapy, I never feel guilty about the ones that haven't turned into anything specific yet.)

  2. Are you using a book for those Chuck Nohara blocks ? She used to have a show in Shibuya every year but I have not seen it recently. Those blocks really do look like something from her show, both in design and fabric choice,

  3. I am trying the open ID setting to see if it gets rid of the no-reply problem.
    Let me know if I am just spinning my wheels.

  4. They must have known it was you coming to stay at the house!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely time away at the beach! Love all of your new Tula hexies and especially the hoop with the elephant!

  6. Loving your Chuck Nohara blocks. Hexis are so addictive!! Looks like a lovely place to have a break at too.

  7. How nice to get away. I love our little escapes. Beautiful Hexies!

  8. We are going to the beach in January. Can't wait. Lovely projects.

  9. What a lovely trip to the beach! And still you manage to find time to stitch!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Lovely views and it looks like the weather was perfect (unlike today).
    Glad you were able to relax and stitch away.
    Did you know the owner of the place was a quilter before you arrived. (I am just guessing she sews- I suppose she could have bought it.)

  11. I love those beautiful beach photos. What a great spot for a holiday. How wonderful to be greeted by a quilt!! All of your sewing projects are wonderful, love the mix of fabrics you're using for your hexies.

  12. Well, isn't that gorgeous to find such a beautiful quilt in a rented appartement? Wow! And those hexies are simply wonderful! Of course I love them - such wonderful Tula fabrics :-)
    Now I know how beautiful Australian beaches are and I'm sure you spent a wonderful time! Australia is such a fantastic country and really worth the long trip to go there! I loved meeting you :-)

  13. We should all have a little get away during the holiday season to recharge our batteries.

  14. We are at a B&B in Port Fairy. Very decadent but no quilts.
    What a lovely array of handmade goodies, especially the circular EPP kite mini.

  15. Can I come to the beach with you next time you go? Beaches are pretty far away here in Colorado.

  16. (I'm still chuckling over Anne's comment.)

    Beautiful time away, with a beautiful setting. How fun to get that batch of hexies, all in Tula, and to have the time to work on them (the real luxury!). I love all your treats from your recent swap--I have one more to go this year, which your post reminded me of. I could use that beach time right about now!


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