Saturday, May 3, 2014

Liberty Love!

I finished this cushion cover recently...

I need to buy a bigger insert

made from my meagre stash of Liberty fabrics!

Most of this was purchased at a New Year sale from 

Kim @ L'uccello.

Happily my stash is about to increase....

10 fat quarters of luscious Liberty!

thanks to this amazing giveaway!

Have you heard of Massdrop?


 I hadn't either until I read all about it on 

Sarah's blog 

where I won the Liberty!

"Massdrop helps people buy together as a group

to get awesome prices for the things they want."

And who doesn't want more Aurifil 

at the cheapest price?

I know I do-

I certainly NEED more thread!

Where I live, Aurifil costs anywhere 

between $16.25Aus and $17.50Aus 

for a 1300 metre reel!

I've snagged a six pack for $45.99!

Even adding very reasonably priced postage 

makes this a great deal!

(I've just read that the postage is free if you are in the US!)

There's still time to grab some!

(This is purely independent blogpost, 

not sponsored by anyone)

I'm now planning what I will make with all my 

pretty Liberty!

Hurry Mr. Postman, hurry!

Happy sewing!



  1. Beautiful work! Just finished catching up - lucky you, meeting Ralph Fiennes! I'm loved him forever but I've never watched the Harry Potter movies. I'm a little more ol'school than that, I guess. :-)

    Absolutely love your Scrappy Sandwiches but even more, I love the tiny scrap pieces you made with the trimmings - wow!!

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  3. Your pillow is so pretty, I just love those reds! I cut up my Liberty for a quilt, then changed my mind about the pattern. Now I'm frozen as to what to do with dozens of 3 inch squares. Back to the drawing board!

  4. Congrats on your win and your lovely pillow finish. Isn't Liberty beautiful?!

  5. I love the quilting on that pillow! It's perfectly suited to the Liberty fabrics.

  6. Your cushion is beautiful *sigh*. Well done winning that fabric and good luck deciding what to make!

  7. Lovely cushion and gorgeous fabrics.
    Looks like I will have to learn about massdrop!

  8. Lovely liberty cushion and congratulations on winning more for your stash. You'll be able to make a matching quilt.

  9. Well done, lucky duck! I saw the Massdrop for Liberty and Aurifil, and I was very tempted. I've just been buying a bit much lately so I didn't buy, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on them for the future.

  10. Your liberty cushion is beautiful,

  11. I love, love, love this pillow! And that is great that you won more yummy Liberty! I saw something on IG about mass drop. I didn't quite get it so I will need to look at Sarah's post. I didn't know they had a blog. Great information Susan!

  12. Oh it is so beautiful! You have such a way with color. I have got to get some of that wonderful fabric. Off to check out the link.

  13. Aurifil and Liberty: you are sewing in style!
    I love the cushion. I am still staring at my pretty Liberty treasures and trying to decide what to make.

  14. Beautiful pillow and I love all the hand-stitched quilting. Really lovely. The price of that thread made me gasp, so if I were you, I'd join, too! Wow.


  15. Very very pretty and pleased you have more to look forward to!

  16. Your cushion is beautiful! Do you use anything to reinforce the liberty?

  17. Wow...congrats on the hall! I love that cushion.

  18. Such a beautiful cushion - and what a win!!

  19. I was so excited to see that you won that fabric - I know you will make something amazing with it :-) Your cushion cover is so so pretty.

  20. I"ve never owned any Liberty fabrics but sure admire all that I see on blogs lately. I"ll have to investigate the massdrop thingy!


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