Friday, March 28, 2014

Friendship blocks for March!

Yes, it's that time again.....

Friendship + and x blocks for March are here!

Well, they may not be here in person, 

but they are here on the blog!

These are the blocks I made for Carla.....

Chocolate and cherries- YUM!

Here they are sharing some time together 

before they were sent on their way...

I made one with the colour-way variation again.

Can you see it?

And here are Carla's for me....

Look at that rogue turquoise one!

You are a scallywag, Carla!

It is starting to get exciting...

Only two months to go!

Happy sewing!



  1. Gorgeous Bright Fabrics, I love them!

  2. They look great! I especially like that rogue turquoise one.

  3. Hehe naughty turquoise!
    I'm setting myself a challenge not to use turquoise in my next quilt!

  4. There always has to be one in the crowd! he-he!! These are so delicious.

  5. Gorgeous as ever.
    You inspired me to add a different colour way in my blocks for this month too.

  6. So so pretty! Love that one random aqua cross!

  7. Your blocks look so wonderful! I love the one with the same fabrics for the whole "x" :-) And only two months to go - wow. I'm curious, what it'll look like in the end!

  8. Love the sneaky turquoise cross in there!! They look wonderful! Only 2 months to go... they are going to be spectacular quilts!!

  9. Keep reminding me how much I love that pattern because I know another quilt is lurking on the horizon.

  10. Great blocks. The collection really is growing.

  11. its going to be a wonderful quilt :-)

  12. These continue to be wonderful. I love the rogue color. Such a great project you two are sharing.

  13. Oh yum indeed! Love this months blocks

  14. Oh they are beauties! I love the one with the pink polka dot background. What a fun quilt you will have when you are done.

  15. Hi Susan, Did you notice that we both used the AB pink/brown polka dot! We play well together, don't we!

  16. Very fun to see your blocks all arrayed and in those fabulous colors. Can't wait to see what next month's bring!

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