Saturday, September 7, 2013

Zakka Pouch...

I know I showed you this the other day, 

but I wanted to tell you a little more about it!

My pouch ended up a little larger 

than the original pattern.  

It called for half square rectangles but I didn't have 

the facilities to print the pattern....

So I started with 2" ones and adjusted the pattern 

from there...

I've had this leftover piece of Ikea fabric for years 

and it became the perfect lining!

 I interfaced the lining to make the pouch a little 

more sturdy.

I can see more of these in my future!

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Happy days!



  1. This is pretty, I love the fabrics.

  2. Ahhh, I feel zen just looking at it. Perfect antidote to Election Day madness!

  3. This is gorgeous - great idea to interface the lining :)

  4. I really have to get a copy of Ayumi's lovely book!

  5. It's so cute! I love the size...looks large enough for toiletries or hand sewing supplies :) great adjustments Susan!

  6. Gorgeous pouch! It looks perfect for a weekend's worth of toiletries :D

  7. It's just darling! I wish I could come across that book in my travels

  8. The turquoise on the top and the pink lining go really well together, stash fabric is awesome

  9. Love these boxy pouches! Pretty fabrics too.

  10. It looks like a fun finish, although would have taken some time to make.

  11. That is such a fun pouch! I really like those fabrics you've used!!

  12. Lovely bag, Suz! Thanks for showing us more!!

  13. I love your pouch!!!! I have this book with many projects marked....just need to find a little time ;-)

  14. a very nice pouch and that lining is perfect

  15. Maybe it's just the angle, but those half squares look like half-rectanges and I love the look of that. Something new to make me think.

    Love the IKEA fabric. I just finished up a tote and used fusible batting in the outside against the fabric and was not really pleased with how stiff it made the tote. In reading yours, I think that interfacing would have been a much better choice.

    This is really very cute!

    Elizabeth E.

  16. Love your pouch and though I love this book, I also have struggled to enlarge the patterns..... So annoying!

  17. Very cute! The fabrics are great, and you did such a nice sewing job. Maybe you too are finding that sewing pouches is addictive?


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