Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shadows of Love

I finished piecing together my Delilah quilt today.

Even my Ikea trolley is colour co-ordinated!

Here are month 12 blocks names Black Cockatoo.

I calmed the overall look by using a grey spot  

in the 3" filler blocks, rather than 30 different prints.

And why have I named it "Shadows of Love"?

The Tom Jones' song (Jen Kingwell the designer is a 

big Tom Jones fan!) is about domestic violence

Using a lyric from it would be 

might be more relevant.

I have had a love/hate relationship with this quilt 

hence the shadow that hangs over it.

I've already purchased my backing...

The one on the right.

and a few other fun fabrics!

And I've not been doing much sewing or blogging 

lately....because of this little fellow!

My beautiful grandson, Eli

I have a good excuse, don't you think?

Happy days!


Saturday, February 24, 2018

An Evening with Kaffe!

While I may not be spending so much of my $$$$ on 

fabric this year....

hearing inspirational quilters speak and share their 

quilts is high on my list!

Cutting Cloth in Fairfield was one of the stops on

 Kaffe Fassett's (rhymes with 'safe asset') latest tour.

The shop...

and restaurant venue were adorned with all his

Love that green!

glorious colour!

The quilting was only on the purple solid-minimal but so effective

I'll be honest, I own very little Kaffe fabric....

I'd love to make something like this!

but I love his graphic designs, use of colour and 

Fabulous use of a 16-patch and border fabric

simple quilting!

And the battings are so thin, apparently good for 


Of course, there was the obligatory book signing!

 and photo op!

Thanks Kellie for a very memorable evening!

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Sewing has taken a back seat since I went back to work three weeks ago!

Delilah has stalled because we are still waiting for month 12 templates to arrive!

I don't think I showed you all of month 11.

My sister has been collecting fabric for a quilt....

and we settled on a Dresden plate block.

So, to ensure we had the right size, I practised with 

this first...

I've made three of these into a table runner...

which is waiting patiently to be quilted!

In the meantime, I cut most of the blues and 


into 5.5" blades, with a speciality ruler...

and made the first of 36 Dresdens!

Of course, it still needs a centre...

Have you ever made a Dresden plate quilt?

Happy sewing!


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Finish #3!

 I have another finish to share with you today...

my third for 2018!

"Luna Park"....

is roughly 55" square.

Seventeen of these blocks came from my Gridster 

bee buddies....

and these are the siggy blocks on the back.

Thank you, ladies!

I'm so glad I went with this layout,

Before quilting

after stitching it together with all that horrid black 


I think I have ended up with a much more lively and 

interesting quilt!

I machine quilted around each block first,

to anchor all layers together.

Then quilted with black and navy blue perle thread.

I used a stripey black and white binding, which a 

friend commented that it reminded her of a barber's 


I found this outside one of those hipster barbers 

shops, that are so popular in Melbourne now!

This is quilt #91 I've made!

(You can see most of the other 90 on a separate page of this blog)

...not sure how many more I have in me?

Do you ever think about not making quilts anymore?

I guess I can't imagine life without quilting!

Happy sewing!


Friday, January 26, 2018

Hot Fudge!

I decided on this traditional layout for my latest 


I made a little 'cross stitch' type block to fill a gap...

and lots of two-toned, checkerboard pieces too!

I tried out some new homemade spray glue for 


(the recipe on "String and Story" blog is found here)

and I must say, I'm sold!

I've never found it easier to baste, nor been happier 

with the way the quilt sandwich held together!

Any puckering I blame solely on my wonky piecing!

A downside of the spray is that it needs to be 

washed out promptly;

so the rest of these photos are after the quilt has 

been washed and dried.

Given the Summer weather here, 

and the fudging I did to get some pieces to fit,

the name seemed obvious!

Isn't that garden pretty?

This is my favourite place to take photos! 

 Thanks Han, for letting me stay....

it was fun!

Happy sewing!

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