Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Eli is certainly growing....


I tested a Halloween block for Nadra....

for her new Creepy Critters quilt pattern.

And have been working on my 

Chuck Nohara blocks...

This one still needs to be stitched...

I'm still contemplating the best way to tackle it?

And I finally got these 'mug rugs' out of the

 WIPs pile!

Have you worked on something fun this week?

Happy days!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Rose by any other name...

I had admired this quilt....

Rail Fence Quilt by Rose

and this one.....

Another of Rose's quilts!

on Pinterest recently, (one link is here),

to find that Rose, the maker, was offering her 

leftovers to me! 

Blocks Rose didn't have a use for!

After a friendly email exchange with Rose...

these beauties recently landed in my post box.

And heaps of 'scraps'!

 I haven't decided what I will do with them but there 

are plans being made!

I gathered up my meagre stash of

 Cotton and Steele... 

shopped for more at The Quilt Shop, in Eltham

with a couple of pretty fat quarters thrown in!
where they were having an amazing sale!

all playing nicely together!

So I guess I have another WIP or two to add to my 

never-ending list!

But the story doesn't end there....

Rose also included these pretty vintage circles,

which I am going to make into a mini 'quilt'....

of sorts, for my sister.

I am now making a couple of gifts to send back to 

Rose as a thank-you!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Smooth Sailing

I have just started my long service leave...

132 days of time away from work,

just for me!

It's what I'm calling my Retirement Rehearsal!

Seen on my morning walk.
We have no big overseas trips planned, because I 

know we won't be able to afford those when we 


So I'm just planning lots of little things to do to fill 

my days...

like lots of sewing!

I've come back to these, 

to make the "O Christmas Tree Quilt"

as my preferred evening sewing...

At the workshop with Wendy Williams earlier in the 

year, she shared some of her tips.....

like putting the fabric 'flower' under the felt 


using pistil stitch and colonial knots....

Better to hide the fabric than make a wonky applique one!

and this pretty orange stitch (below)

 I can't remember how to do it, 

or even what its called!

The other tip she had, which I have tried to adhere 

to, was to cut all the scraps into circles before 

storing them for future use!

And I will be re-familiarising myself with 

Elizabeth's posts over at Occasional Piece!

She hosted a quilt-a-long earlier in the year

and shared some of her pretty fabric with me!

And for those who asked the last time I posted

 this picture:

Kits are now available from Wendy's website here.

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bubbles of Love quilt

This is my fourth finish for the quarter,

 first shown here

It's a difficult quilt to photograph...

Maybe because there's not much colour contrast?

I traced around a couple of shapes 

(that seemed to do the trick)

with a hera marker,

not wanting to use any 'ink' on the delicate fabric.

Backed with white flannelette and bound with this....

another recently re-homed fabric!

Finished size- 40" square

And another finish for my FAL!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rather Random Thursday....

There's been some fireworks here this week...

So not much sewing has been achieved!

A couple of Chuck blocks,

a bee block,

and a block for my "Word Play" (Spelling Bee) Quilt...

Catch you soon!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

On my design floor...

The last of the words from my Spelling Bee buddies 

arrived this week.

So I was able to get these out on my design floor 


I am going to put some 'picture' blocks in amongst 

the words...

My mind wasn't quite focused on things while I was 

making this one!

Ah, that's better!

This one features some of my favourite places....

and this is where I got to....

with plans to paper piece a suitcase block 

(places we've been)

applique a bike block

(memories made).....

and maybe one or two other blocks?

I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions?

Happy sewing!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Whimsy- another cushion!

I make lots of cushions....

 And lots of quilts!

(77 at last count!)

But I often wish I had a cushion to match the quilt 

currently gracing my bed!

I remedied that this weekend

and made a cushion to match my "On A Whim" quilt!

While not a perfect match,

it is still pretty and fun!

My friend Marg was throwing out  re-homing some 

fabrics when I visited her recently,

so I offered to help her out with this print!

I quilted it with some simple straight lines

And the candy stripe pink binding matches the quilt, 

at least!

Finished size - 20" square!

I better get a move on, 

I have a few quilts that require a matching cushion!

Happy sewing!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Starts and finishes....

Maybe it's Spring that has me thinking of starting 

something new,

like this cushion...

Or maybe this pattern?

Or finishing this Spring-like window view...

(my 3rd finish for the F-A-L)

which is appropriately called

 "Window on the World"...

which travelled all the way round the world!

 I've finished my Chuck blocks for August...

these are the latest to join the party!

I want to finish off today thanking my core of faithful 


With the rise of IG and the apparent demise of the 


your constant support and regular comments make 

my day...

Thank you Julie and Suz in New Zealand, 
Elizabeth and Di in California,  
Sandra in Germany, 
Carla in Canada, 
Julie in Japan, 
Barb and Anne in 'somewhere USA',
Carla in Western Australia, 
and Lynda, Kirsty, Karen and Rachael in the sunny north!

and all my other followers who I know read along,
some blossoms for you. 

Happy days!

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