Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Martha's Medallion"- a finish!

I am pretty chuffed to have this one finished....

it was over two years in the making!

It is Judy Newman's "Museum Medallion" pattern,

with the main fabrics- the pink and yellow borders,

purchased from Amitie!

The rest of the fabrics came from my stash/scraps,

with some special additions from blogging friends,

around the world!

Apart from the long straight seams, 

it was entirely hand pieced....

And hand quilted with some Finca 

and some Aurifil thread!

The backing is one of those extra wide fabrics, 

because this quilt is a monster at 90" square!

The backing is rather plain but that meant there 


no joined seams to cope with!

So a pretty label was a fun way 

to add a bit of interest...

Why "Martha's Medallion", I hear you ask?

My sister lives at Mt Martha, 

and many happy hours were spent stitching this 

while visiting her!

I would have liked some better outside photos,

but there was a distinct lack of quilt holders 


Looks like it's time to start planning my next hand 

piecing project!

Any suggestions?

Happy sewing!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Hand quilted...WOW. This is an amazing finish. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations. What an achievement to both hand piece and hand quilt such a big quilt. Well done. Your next quilt could be la passacaglia from the book Millefiori Quilts. I'm going to be doing it in 2015.

  3. Wow your quilt is stunning, so much work but so worth it. Well done.

  4. Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful and special quilt. I love the way your handquilting really adds another layer of textures and shapes. Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Wow Suz, what an amazing finish. And 90" square, handpieced (the majority) that is incredible. I really love the hand quilting design you've sewed in the pink cornersI think the plain back is a very clever idea - I mean, as if you'd want to turn this over anyway!

  6. great quilt and love that it is hand quilted!!
    fun fabrics that are so happy and fun to look at.

  7. FABULOUS! I think this ranks right up there as one of my favorite quilts! It is an amazing finish! Wow! The label is so sweet and perfect for this quilt. Yay! Well done, Susan!

  8. Absolutely exquisite!! I can't wait to see your next project!

  9. This is an absolutely beautiful quilt, Susan! So pretty and detailed, I just love all the sweet colours and hand piecing! You have made an exquisite quilt to treasure.
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  10. To have hand pieced and hand quilted this is such an achievement. It's beautiful!

  11. Congratulations on your finish Susan, the quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love all your fabrics and colours, good idea to use a wide backing fabric as joining fabrics for a quilt that size can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

  12. You must be so proud! This quilt is outstanding and I'm totally impressed with all the handwork you've done since even handquilting continues to baffle me. Just love it!

  13. Well worth the time and effort. A stunning finish

  14. This quilt is so beautiful and so bright and cheerful. I love the hand quilting. It looks great on the bed too. Good work to have finished it, and I am sure your next project will be just as lovely.

  15. Oh m goodness . . . I can't imagine hand piecing all that. How wonderful and special.

  16. Fabulous! Beautiful! Love the colours and the handpiecing/quilting.

  17. What a feeling of immense satisfaction you must have Susan. All that time and effort and such a pretty quilt as a result!

  18. What an amazing achievement Susan - it is so beautiful :-) Keen to hear what you decide to make next - I am wanting to start a long term hand pieced/quilted project too :)

  19. This quilt looks amazing. I am full of admiration for anything hand pieced, but something this size is wonderful.
    Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  20. What an amazing quilt! This is quite an achievement, I am adding hand pieced/hand quilted quilt to my list...Awe-inspiring!!!

  21. Oh wow, this quilt is a stunner! I'm impressed it's all hand pieced and even hand quilted. The name is perfect because you must have spent a lot of time there to do all that hand sewing;)

  22. So beautiful - congratulations! I especially love the closeup pictures of your lovely hand quilting!

  23. Susan it's Beautiful! Extra special being hand pieced and hand quilted. No wonder it took two years. How did you find hand piecing the curves? Did you use epp or just following edges?

  24. It's hard to believe that it has been two years already... I remember when this started as just a little hand pieced centre. The hand quilting really adds the perfect final touch - and no, I don't have any suggestions for a new project. I'm sure you'll think of something :o)

  25. It's beautiful Susan. I've loved seeing your progress and it's awesome now that you have finally finished it.

  26. Wow--I did not realize this quilt was so large! It's beautiful and such a sunshiny quilt to have around the house. I love the bright colors as they really make the quilt sing.

    Jump in with me and make some circle EPP blocks! Whatever you choose, it will be fun to watch.


  27. Great Finish!! I love the colors and medallion design! And kudos for sticking with it and doing all that hand quilting! A real exercise in perseverance! Congratulations!

  28. My goodness that is SO gorgeous! And hand sewn and quilted to boot. I love it!!

  29. Congratulations on a most amazing finish! Simply stunning (good thing there's an ocean separating us... it would be at risk of "disappearing" other wise ;o) Guard that beauty! hee hee

  30. Fabulous, Susan! Chuff away. You have every right to do so. Such a huge quilt to undertake hand quilting. You are amazing, as are the quilts you make.

  31. Oh, my stars! This is an amazing work of art, Susan. I just keep going back and ooging your photos, wishing that I could see the quilt in person. It is such a happy quilt and I love the nod to your sister. You are a treasure.


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